The Walking Dead: Should Shane Return in Flashbacks? Jon Bernthal Is Up For It
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Should Shane Return in Flashbacks? Jon Bernthal Is Up For It

It's tough to say goodbye to good characters on The Walking Dead. We're always looking for ways to see them again, and that's especially true of Jon Bernthal's Shane.

Love him or hate him, Shane was a fascinating character and a major player in Season 1 and Season 2. We got to see him briefly in Season 3 in a Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) hallucination scene, and Jon recently talked to Digital Spy about how that cameo came about: "That worked out really well — I was driving across the country to do Wolf of Wall Street and literally I just cruised through Georgia on my way!"

If only we could all just pop by The Walking Dead's Georgia set for a scene! Would Jon ever return for another Shane appearance? Perhaps he could be in another flashback to the start of the zombie apocalypse, showing how the original Atlanta group came together. We saw a scene in Season 2 with Shane, Lori, Carl, Carol, Sophia and Ed stuck in traffic, but not how the rest of the group (Glenn, Andrea, the Dixons, etc.) came together.

Jon said another return to the show could be challenging, but "the short answer is... I love those guys and I love seeing them, so if that means coming to do flashbacks, I'm completely open to it." Nice. "The people who make The Walking Dead the cast, the crew of that show they're like family to me and I'm still very much in touch with all of them," Jon continued. "They're all a huge part of my life, so any chance to see them is always welcome." Awwww.

Jon's former on-screen BFF, Andrew Lincoln, was just joking about Jon during a promotional trip to Singapore. He said the show made a reel of just Jon and Andy's scenes together to make it seem like a love story between those two. Andy doesn't watch The Walking Dead, and he said Jon used to get frustrated about it, because Jon wanted Andy to see how good he — Jon — was on the show! He was kidding around (we think), but it's true — Jon did an amazing job as Shane.

Would you like to see Shane return to the show in a flashback, or are you not a fan of flashbacks/hallucinations/reviving characters once they’ve gone?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Digital Spy

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