Shanna Moakler Shares Crazy Photo of Fat She Had Removed By Lipo (PHOTO)
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Shanna Moakler Shares Crazy Photo of Fat She Had Removed By Lipo (PHOTO)

Some people in the public eye don’t want to admit that they’ve had plastic surgery, preferring to keep their nipping and tucking discreetly hidden away. They’ll come back from a trip looking “refreshed,” and maybe express that they may have “had some work done” in the distant past.

Then there’s ex-beauty queen Shanna Moakler this 38-year-old mom of three (and ex of Travis Barker) loves her Airbrush Laser Liposculpture, and she can’t wait to share it with the world. As she shared on her Instagram, Shanna stopped by the Beverly Hills clinic Elite Body Sculpture to have fat sucked out of her stomach area, which has been a challenge after giving birth to three kids. She calls it her "mommy makeover from heaven" — and she has the majorly ewwww photo to prove it! Wait, that stuff used to be in your stomach, Shanna? Pardon us while we get sick to our stomach...

In a TMZ video, Shanna reports that the procedure was "amazing," and shared that she wasn’t even going into the clinic to have the procedure done that day, but just wanted to learn about it. In this new type of procedure, the doctors at EBS apparently remove fat with no needle, scalpel, or stitches, while leaving a scar smaller than a pencil’s eraser. The best part, according to the former model? She can now go eat a big, juicy steak. We’re not judging, but eating a giant meal sounds like kind of an odd thing to do after getting a bunch of fat sucked out of your tummy, no?

On their website, EBS says Moakler had 2.5 ounces of fat removed from her stomach area, which they promptly gifted her with. No give-backs, Shanna!

Source: Instagram, Elite Body Sculpture, TMZ

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09.4.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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