Shannon Beador on Chairgate: I’m Not “Scary Angry” — Heather Just Doesn’t Like Me
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Shannon Beador on Chairgate: I’m Not “Scary Angry” — Heather Just Doesn’t Like Me

The last episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was certainly educational (we know we’ll be keeping nine oranges around from now on!), but one of the weirdest parts was definitely… “Chairgate.” But now Shannon Beador has spoken out, and it sounds like she’s just as baffled as we are!

“Let me be clear,” Shannon said in an online piece for Bravo. “I don't fight over chairs and I can honestly say I have never argued about where I was sitting at a table.” Shannon’s explanation is this: she and co-star Vicki Gunvalson were chatting, and Vicki was in the middle of story when they entered the restaurant. Heather Dubrow was sitting in the middle seat and Vicki asked her to move over so she could continue telling the story. Simple enough, right? Not so much.

It was partway through the meal when things at the table got tense. “When I returned from the restroom and saw that she had moved my things to a different seat, Heather then tried to insinuate that I had told her to move,” Shannon wrote. “...In true Heather form, she proceeded to give me a lecture like I was a child about what she incorrectly thought I was doing. There was nothing ‘disproportionate,’ ‘scary’ or ‘angry’ about my behavior at the table or towards Heather.”

Heather took a chance to weigh in as well. “OY! Don't think I haven't kicked myself many times for switching back to the center chair!!! Totally juvenile!” she wrote in a column for Bravo. “In retrospect, I should have just stayed in the new seat.” We’re glad that’s resolved, but it definitely looks like the ladies are going to be bringing the drama this season!

Did Heather overreact? Was Shannon being “scary angry”? Let us know in the comments!