Catherine Giudici Shares Adorable Wedding Photo: “I’m a Lowe!”
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici Shares Adorable Wedding Photo: “I’m a Lowe!”

Catherine Giudici is awash in love sprinkles in this photo from her wedding to Bachelor Sean Lowe.

Catherine took some time off from... you know... to share an image from last night’s live ABC nuptials, noting that it was "The best day of my life. I'm a Lowe!" Look at that smile! She's high on gettin’ Lowe.

Cat got the "grown sexy" ceremony she wanted, and we're guessing the lingerie Sean bought her came in handy at the consummation station. Thankfully, ABC decided not to air too much wedding night footage, since cute was veering into creepy with that honeymoon suite camera business.

But cute just stayed cute when it came to their vows. Cat is the light to Sean’s bug and they are probably busy right at this very moment, shining enough to make the world blind. OK, maybe she got a little cheesy, but Sean vowed to always put her first and love her for eternity, so he knows what he’s getting from his little crinkle-nosed love bug.

Catherine said she wanted her wedding to essentially be her coming out as a woman, not just a cute girl. She also said she hoped the sexy nuptials inspired lots of baby-making. We’ll have to see how many October/November babies can be timed to the SeanCat wedding, beyond Baby Lowe, whom we’re already expecting to meet next year.

What did you think of the wedding? Did you cry even more than Sean? Was this your favorite of the four televised Bachelor weddings so far, or can you not even choose between them?

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