Kim Kardashian Shares Touching Video Montage of Kanye West Romance
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Shares Touching Video Montage of Kanye West Romance

Though some say they come from very different worlds, is there really a couple more made for each other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Well, the video montage Kim shared via Twitter on December 31 should make a believer out of the biggest naysayers out there.

Set to Rihanna’s “Stay” and “Knock You Down” (featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo), the 5:25 fan video follows their journey from good friends to the happy, engaged parents they are today. And while Kanye has plenty of hard edges, you can see him soften any time the subject of Kim comes up in an interview.

Calling her his “dream girl” and “the love of my life,” Yeezy measures the depth of his feelings by saying, “I have never loved any girl — other than my mother — as much as I love [Kim].” We’re inclined to believe him. This short video captures around 85 percent of the smiles we’ve ever seen on his face, and they’re all about his beautiful baby mama.

“He always says ‘there’s nothing more that I love in this world than you and me — and myself,” Kim tells stepbrother Brody Jenner of Kanye’s love for their daughter, “so imagine a combination of the two.”

While we didn’t think it was possible for either of these lovebirds to love anyone more than themselves, we’re convinced. They’re really a perfect match!

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