Sean Lowe Shares First Photo With “My Wife!” Catherine Giudici
Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC via Sean Lowe's Instagram    

Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Shares First Photo With “My Wife!” Catherine Giudici

The word “special” was said about a hundred times during Sean Lowe’s wedding to Catherine Giudici, but it was indeed a special day — especially for Sean.

He not only got to marry the woman he chose on The Bachelor, he had his own father officiate the live televised ceremony. Sean said he was looking forward to hearing his dad introduce the newlyweds as Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lowe, and that’s basically the photo Sean shared the day after the wedding, proudly labeling the image, "Me and my wife!"

Uncle Seanie has a wife! In the perfect photo, Catherine holds her hubby’s arm and shares her megawatt smile as Sean also beams out to their guests. Love sprinkles for everyone!

Catherine also shared a photo from the wedding, and her shot shows Sean looking at her as she does her trademark crinkle-nose smile. Sean’s image is a little more formal but it shows them at their very best — and very happiest.

Can you believe they did all that live, without breaking down or fumbling or sweating to death or passing out or any number of things we’d probably do if under that kind of pressure? They even looked beautiful crying, although Sean doesn’t think so. He also shared a screenshot from last night’s event, writing, “The worst cry face in the history of cry faces. Get a hold of yourself man.” No way! He was adorable, and if you can’t cry at your own wedding you must have garlic in your soul.

Congrats again to the laughing and crying Lowes. May they stay this cute forever!

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