Bachelorette 2014: Sharleen Joynt Says Andi Dorfman Led Nick Viall On
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Bachelorette 2014: Sharleen Joynt Says Andi Dorfman Led Nick Viall On

Audiences have been firmly divided since Nick Viall dropped the sex bomb heard ‘round the world on Andi Dorfman during the After the Final Rose special: Did Andi lead Nick on by sleeping with him if she knew she’d be giving her Final Rose to Josh Murray? It’s a tricky, complicated topic, which means our favorite opera singer, Sharleen Joynt, has thoughts on the matter.

In her blog, Shar writes: “Let's be honest. Nick was absolutely led on.” Well, that’s pretty cut and dry — or is it? The Juan Pablo Galavis survivor goes on to say Nick was led on, “as is every runner-up in the history of this show.” They were, after all, stars on a network reality television show that only one man can “win.” The harsh truth is that the nature of the series means the rose giver is “required to lead on one, two, three or even more guys.”

While the fellow franchise alumna feels bad for the guy, she also writes that “no one was more aware of this risk than Nick, who rightfully analyzed the signs she gave him from every angle for nine weeks. I hate it when people say this, but it is true to some degree: he knew what he was getting himself into. And I think at a certain point he believed what he wanted to believe and [wasn’t] necessarily reading between the lines as closely as he had in the earlier weeks.” Nick got a case of rose-colored glasses...

So how do you read between the lines of S-E-X? Shar writes, “I can't help but think if Andi were the guy in this scenario and Nick the girl, no one would bat an eye that she was ‘intimate’ with more than one man.” A girl’s got needs, y’all. Needs.

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Source: Sharleen’s blog