Are Sharleen Joynt and Cassandra Ferguson Using Juan Pablo Galavis? Rumor Patrol
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Are Sharleen Joynt and Cassandra Ferguson Using Juan Pablo Galavis? Rumor Patrol

There are a lot of gorgeous and delightful gals vying for the final rose on The Bachelor Season 18, but Cassandra Ferguson and Sharleen Joynt are two of our favorites. In the newest Life & Style, however, a story claims that they aren’t there for the right reasons. Say what?!

Of Sharleen, a L&S source claims that she “doesn’t have real feelings for Juan Pablo.” Well, that’s not exactly a hidden secret as far as we’re concerned. She’s kissed him, accepted his roses, and always been pretty honest with him. So, what’s the problem? The kids thing again, apparently. “She lives in Germany and always planned on going back there. She doesn’t want to get married and have a child. She’s putting her career first right now,” the source claims.

Well, yeah, she is putting her career first, and JPG even said he's cool with that. As for the not ready part, duh, and you know how we know that? Because she already said so, at least the kids part, anyway. She’s a successful opera singer, but we doubt that she would be the kind of person to turn her back on an honest love, if that’s what she found on the show. OK, in this case, we’re going to go point Sharleen. But what about Cassandra?

Single mom Cassandra Ferguson was just 21 when she went on the show. This raised a few flags for us, obviously, because 21 is young, even for The Bachelor. But considering she already has a son, we bet she’s jump-started a lot of things in her life. However, the L&S source claims “[s]he was just there to make her ex [Detroit Pistons player Rodney Stuckey], who has a new girlfriend, notice. She wanted to make him jealous.”

Well, we can’t blame her for wanting to get back with her son’s dad, if that was the case, or even for trying to show him what he was missing. But considering she’s beautiful, young, fun, and sweet so far, we have no reason to believe she can’t find a man IRL, if that’s what she wants. She could make her ex jealous by being with anyone, right? The source insists that she is “one of the craziest girls of the season” and “wasn’t looking for Juan Pablo to be the one.”

So, what’s the truth? Who knows, but if she shows her true colors as “absolutely nuts” as the source claims, we’ll judge then. In the meantime, we can only use what we've seen, and it all looks like a pretty picture so far.

What do you think: Are Sharleen and Cassandra there for the wrong reasons? Tell us what you think and why.

Source: Life & Style

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