Sharleen Joynt on BiP: Everyone Overreacted About Ben Scott’s Girlfriend
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sharleen Joynt on BiP: Everyone Overreacted About Ben Scott’s Girlfriend

The August 11 episode of Bachelor in Paradise was chock full of drama: Michelle Kujawa had an affair with a sound guy that ended in two broken feet, Elise Mosca just couldn’t read Dylan Petitt’s S.O.S. signals, and Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd’s love was making Robert Graham weepy. Amazingly, producers managed to pack one more punch into the cray cray-filled night: Ben Scott was harboring a girlfriend back home. That’s like Bachelor kryptonite, y’all!

You would have thought Ben had proposed to each cast member, pledging his forever and evah love to them one-by-one the way the housemates reacted to the news; the single father was practically chased out of the house with pitchforks. So were they overreacting, or was Big Ben’s act of atrocity (not being there for the “right reasons”) truly atrocious?

Sharleen Joynt on BiP: Everyone Overreacted About Ben Scott’s Girlfriend
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Sharleen Joynt, our favorite talker of truth, says “slow yo’ roll” BiP-ers. On her blog she writes, “I thought the whole thing was blown way out of proportion...Right reasons? RIGHT REASONS? This is a show where people drink and hook up and then switch partners. Some of the people ganging up on him were doing shots moments earlier and licking each other's faces. I have no issue with that, but don't then vilify someone who's been a pretty fun addition to your group.” Ben did seem like the life of the party…anyone with a TMNT backpack has to be, right?

Sharleen goes on to reason that, rather than being the only way the cast could meet each other and possibly fall in love, the show was really just a paid vacation. “Let's be honest: Half these people already knew each other, and the other half could have easily met each other and likely eventually would have. Anyone in the “Bachelor Family” can reach out to anyone else in one way or another, hence why so many of them end up dating each other.”

So really, in Shar’s mind, Ben wasn’t exactly taking up the spot of someone who “deserved” to be there any more than him, as all anyone is there for is to party on ABC’s dime — and to maybe get a regrettable tattoo. We can’t say we would have said no if offered the chance…

Do you agree with Sharleen, or should Ben have bowed out of Paradise sooner?

Source: Sharleen’s blog

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