What Does Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Joynt Do For a Living?
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What Does Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Joynt Do For a Living?

Unlike some Bachelor contestants, Sharleen Joynt has beauty and brains. This stunning frontrunner in the race to win Juan Pablo Galavis' heart is known for her exquisite looks, but have you heard her sing? Much like Juan Pabs (whose experiments in music are world-renowned… not), Sharleen has a beautiful voice — which makes sense considering that she's a professional opera singer.

This 29-year-old beauty is what's known as a "coloratura soprano," and has floored opera-enthusiasts the world over with her amazing set of pipes. Sharleen's vocal gifts come naturally, but this beauty was formally trained in music thanks to a stellar education. Not only did Sharleen get her undergrad in Toronto, she got a masters in Vocal Performance at Mannes College of Music in New York City! Basically, she's a genius and we have no idea what she's doing on The Bachelor.

You can check out Sharleen's impressive CV here, check out reviews of her work here (our favorite: "Soprano Sharleen Joynt enchants not only with her glittering coloratura, but also her strongly erotic aura"), and — if you live in the NYC area — check out her upcoming role in R. Strauss' Arabella at The Metropolitan Opera!

Oh, and you can also tune into her continuing role as "Girl Who Is Out of Juan Pablo's League" each week on The Bachelor.

Source: SharleenJoynt.com