Sharleen Joynt Ready For Love — Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis?!
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The Bachelor

Sharleen Joynt Ready For Love — Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis?!

We went through some hard times this winter with one of our longest term relationships: The Bachelor. While Juan Pablo Galavis’ exciting season on Bachelor 2014 was definitely worth investing some time in, we’ve been going through some serious post-traumatic stress thanks to all the love and loss we felt. One great love we did get out of the deal? Sharleen Joynt.

The 29-year-old Canadian opera singer had a compelling storyline on the reality show, based only partially on how much she made out with Juan Pabs. The beautiful, smart, filterless diva gave some of the best soundbites ever on the show’s 18th season, and it seems that the roses got to her head — and heart.

Sharleen Joynt Ready For Love — Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis?!
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Sharleen spoke with about her stint, and it turns out that the few weeks she spent falling in and out of lust with Venezuelan hunk Juan Pablo really did a number on her. “The show made me realize [love] is a top priority for me,” she said in an interview. “My career has been No. 1 for so long. It’s a really lonely career. I spend a lot of my time living out of my suitcase on my own.”

For the past many years, Shar has lived all over the globe, singing in Israel, Germany, Canada, New York, and Switzerland, to name a few stops on her opera world tour. She happened to be between jobs when she went on The Bachelor, but she set her career aside for a short while to see what would come of it.

Sharleen Joynt Ready For Love — Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis?!
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“I think when I decided to go on the show even that was a light-bulb moment, whether or not it was going to work out for me. Because let’s be honest, it was a one in 25 chance and I’m too pragmatic to have thought I was going to be the one,” she reveals of her thoughts going into casting. We’re pretty sure that if she had stuck around, she would’ve made it out on top, seeing as Juan Pablo admitted from the beginning that she was a favorite.

Concludes the hilarious, stylish ex-contestant, “The fact that I was taking the time off to do this bizarre, incredible thing made me realize that it’s now my top priority, or near it.”

You hear that, fellas? Better start working on your culture and un-dumb yourselves enough to try and get — and keep — Sharleen’s attention!

Who do you think would be perfect for Sharleen? Are you surprised she’s changed her mind so much since when we first met her?


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