Bachelor 18’s Sharleen Joynt: Andi Dorfman Fits Perfectly Into Josh Murray’s Family
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Bachelor 18’s Sharleen Joynt: Andi Dorfman Fits Perfectly Into Josh Murray’s Family

All right y’all, Hometown Dates are over. We’ve met the fams and seen how Andi Dorfman gelled (or didn’t) with her remaining men’s moms and pops — and a million siblings, in the case of Nick Viall. We’ve imagined her spending Thanksgiving in Milwaukee, playing football in the backyard in Tampa, and shucking corn in Iowa. So where do we see her fitting in best? According to Bachelor 18’s Sharleen Joynt, the answer is clear.

In her blog for Flare, Shar (and the rest of the world, really) seems suspicious Andi may be Josh Murray’s long-lost half sister. ”I was a bit distracted by how much Andi looks like the fourth sibling of the Murray clan,” she writes. Our thoughts exactly!

But appearances aren’t the only reason the opera singer feels like Andi meshed with Josh’s family best. “It’s almost eerie how seamlessly Andi fits into his family. They’re like-minded, athletic and generally seemed to be themselves around Andi — and she with them.”

For Sharleen, the date also brought out a side of Andi she was glad to see. “She was steadfastly supportive of him despite all the attention his brother was receiving. What I liked so much about this date was that it exposed Andi’s softer, less confrontational, more supportive and womanly side, which up until now I mostly only saw when she was with Nick. This was a HUGE deal for me and solidified Josh as my top frontrunner this week.”

Sounds like Shar is ready to throw the Bachelorette a Tampa-style bachelorette party. Can we come, girls? Pretty puh-lease?

Do you agree with Sharleen? Which family do you think Andi fit best with?

Source: Flare