Sharleen Joynt Says Andi Dorfman is Falling For Josh Murray “Hard”
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Sharleen Joynt Says Andi Dorfman is Falling For Josh Murray “Hard”

There can be no doubt in the mind of anyone who’s watched Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette with as much attentiveness as we have that the Georgia peach loves Josh Murray’s lips. But does she love anything else about him? According to Sharleen Joynt, Andi’s gal pal and fellow Bachelor season 18 survivor, the Atlantan is loving everything about Josh, not just his cherry chapstick.

In her weekly installment in Flare, Shar commented on Andi’s connection with the baller, saying “Their chemistry is through the roof and you can tell Andi is falling for him. Hard.” She goes on to name Josh as front-runner numero uno.

The opera singer sings Josh’s praises even more in her own blogspot, which is the funniest ode to The Bachelorette on the planet. The Canadian writes, “There’s something about Josh and Andi together that makes me feel like they're the male and female versions of each other. Like, they could ALMOST be brother and sister if it weren't for their obvious chemistry.”

Ewwwww, thanks for the sibling spit-swapping image, Shar. Despite being a bit creeped out by the thought that the two brown-eyed/brown-haired makeout partners may be twins separated at birth, we kinda see where she’s going with it. They do seem to match on a level we haven’t quite seen with the other guys — he’s got a grunt to go with her every mood.

Do you agree with Sharleen that Andi is falling for Josh? Let us know below.

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