Sharleen Joynt Gives the Best Eric Hill Vs. Andi Dorfman Opinion Yet
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Sharleen Joynt Gives the Best Eric Hill Vs. Andi Dorfman Opinion Yet

Opinions are great and all, but unless they come from the mouth or pen of someone we respect, they don’t give us a lot of pause. So, when someone as with it as Sharleen Joynt chimes in, we sit up and listen. The Season 18 Bachelor quittee started a blog called All the Pretty Pandas, where she reflects on this season of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette antics and the Episode 4 discussion is not to be missed.

Tucked among her hilarious screencaps and commentary is some real talk on deceased contestant Eric Hill, and his contentious conversation with Shar’s friend Andi on his way out. While she acknowledged the topic is highly sensitive and that Sharleen is a friend of hers, she writes “Eric was likely onto something” with his comments to Andi about her “poker face.”

Sharleen Joynt Gives the Best Eric Hill Vs. Andi Dorfman Opinion Yet
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Sharleen compares Eric’s situation to Clare Crawley’s on her own season. The 32-year-old runner-up snagged the first 1-on-1 from Juan Pablo Galavis, then had to deal with the “curse” or watching him develop feelings for the rest of the gals. “It’s a flattering position to be in but every aspect of your date is designed to accelerate the development of feelings and attachment to the Bachelor/ette, and it remains stagnant for a LONG TIME while the Bachelor/ette continues to do the same thing.” It’s not like it’s a coincidence that having a solo date and then getting thrown back into the mix is “jarring.” Writes Shar, “It’s designed to be.”

Eric approached Andi on Episode 3 to discuss his feelings about returning to the fold, was rebuffed, and then tried again on Monday’s Episode 4. He opened up, tried to discuss his family life, his religion, his feelings on marriage and family… but finally, he realized that while he was doing his best, Andi wasn’t doing hers. “He felt attached and as though they had something she couldn't have with anyone else, and along with that, a feeling of entitlement that he deserved to be treated differently,” Andi’s pal explains. “A poker face is NOT a bad thing. I personally consider the ability to have a poker face a powerful tool in life. And above all, the Bachelor/ette is meant to have some degree of a poker face in this scenario.”

Sharleen Joynt Gives the Best Eric Hill Vs. Andi Dorfman Opinion Yet
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Still, she doesn’t shy away from calling out Andi for her actions. “Do I think Andi overreacted and played the victim? I do. Do I think this was maybe a case of ‘the lady doth protest too much?’ I do. And do I think Andi would probably agree with me? I do.” Blammo! Sharleen chalks it up to the intense filming schedule as reason for Andi reacting more onscreen than she would IRL.

Lastly, Ms. Panda explains that had Eric not tragically passed away while filming was still happening, he would likely have been “edited more of a villain in his departure than he was.” And what about that departure? Was it too much? Too little? Likely the former. “One can argue that they showed too much of the confrontation and that was disrespectful to him and made Andi look dramatic and defensive, but had they skimmed over his abrupt departure everyone would have complained about the lack of explanation. It's an utter lose-lose.”

Check out the rest of Sharleen’s comments on her blog, and follow her brilliance every week to add another layer of awesome to your lives.

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