Sharleen Joynt Slams AshLee Frazier as “Fake” and “Two-Faced”
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Bachelor in Paradise

Sharleen Joynt Slams AshLee Frazier as “Fake” and “Two-Faced”

We would never, ever want to get on Sharleen Joynt’s bad side. Like, ever. Girlfriend doesn’t pull punches when she sizes up a situation, and she’s certainly not treading lightly with AshLee Frazier’s most recent social gaffe on Bachelor in Paradise. Incidentally, the fact that it’s always real talk o’clock in Shar’s house is one of the things we love most about the Juan Pablo Galavis graduate.

In her Flare blog, the opera singer weighed in on hammock-gate, aka that time AshLee slut-shamed Clare Crawley to Clare’s cuddle buddy Zack Kalter, then pretended she didn’t know anything about it when confronted.

Sharleen Joynt Slams AshLee Frazier as “Fake” and “Two-Faced”
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For feigning innocence in the whole matter, Shar awarded Capital L the “Best Actress in a Supporting Role award,” writing: “Her telling Clare she’s ‘not sure what’s wrong,’ followed by a very careful but insincere apology, was some of the most fake, two-faced behavior I’ve ever witnessed.”

But wait! Sharleen had even stronger words for Ash, writing that the blonde “catapulted to the top of everyone’s Hate List by proving to be full of hate herself.”

When AshLee’s future ex-husband, Graham Bunn, learned of her behavior, he started to question whether she was “wife material.” Last night’s episode ended in a cliffhanger, with Graham walking off set when AshLee offered him her petals, so we’ll have to wait for tonight’s episode to see if Ash made it to Graham’s hate list — as Shar suggested she should — or not.

Do you agree with Sharleen, or do you think she was too harsh? Give us your thoughts below.

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