The Bachelor

Sharleen Joynt Hangs With the Cast of Which Hit Reality Show? (PHOTO)

We always said Sharleen Joynt was going to reach higher heights than anyone, and now she’s proving us (sort of) right, one photo at a time. The Season 18 beauty is famous for surviving despite all the odds that she wouldn’t be able to connect with Juan Pablo Galavis on any real level on Bachelor 2014, and she must’ve found kindred spirits in the cast of another hot reality show!

The week before her adventure in NYC where she’s currently living while part of the cast of the New York Metropolitan Opera’s production of Arabella she couldn’t stop tweeting about her excitement. It turns out that even though Sharleen is not so hot on the whole rose-accepting game, her torch really burns for another reality show.

We totally don’t blame her! There are few things (besides pizza) that we’d go to the ends of the earth for, but the hotties who make up the cast of this elite group live without the comforts of our daily lives (yes, even pizza) to show their true grit. In fact, we’re surprised that they could all get close for a pic with Shar, after what they’ve done to one another. Want to know who’s definitely not extinguishing each other’s flames in a group shot with Shar? Click through to see!