The Bachelor

Bachelor’s Sharleen Joynt Shares Incredible #TBT Glamour Shot (PHOTO)

The 29-year-old Sharleen Joynt won Juan Pablo Galavis’s heart during his season of The Bachelor in part for her sophisticated style — which he said added to her mundo/worldliness. Well it would appear that that sophisticated sense of fashion started early with the young Shar — like when she was still a pre-teen. The opera singer and blogger posted a #tbt Glamour Shots photo complete with pearls and red feather boa to her Instagram, and we just can’t thank her enough. It’s amazeballs.

You remember Glamour Shots, right? That bastion of beauty in the middle of the mall you begged your mother to take you to so you could get your perfectly lovely pre-teen complexion airbrushed into back-lit, soft-focus perfection? Funny how those photos of your dreamy self “accidentally” ended up in your crush’s locker. “Oh I’m so embarrassed I dropped those — but while we’re on the topic, don’t I look dreamy and like someone you want to date?” Maybe that was just our tactic...

These days Shar has honed her style to simple, chic pieces with nary a boa in sight. But we gotta say, Glamour Shots Shar is still a gal we would have wanted to hang with. Despite the cheesiness, you can still get a glimpse of the glamour girl to come. Care to see what we’re talking about? Click through to see the amazing Glamour Shots of a 10-year-old Shar.