The Bachelor

This Daring Daddy’s Girl Grew Up to Be a Reality TV Favorite — Who Is It?

Now 29, this too-cute tyke has been performing for audiences worldwide for years. But she first came to our attention — and that of a certain controversial Latin looker — just this past year on reality TV.

The Canadian-born beauty posted this acrobatic photo of herself for Throwback Thursday with the simple caption “My first ever #tbt.” We’re glad she broke into the world of TBT pics, because this one is so cute and carefree, which is kind of unusual for the serious beauty. Her ready-for-take-off pose hints at what’s to come for the jetsetter who now lives — and performs — all over the world.

Can you guess who she is? She was one of the most watchable contestants on our favorite primetime dating series, she’s got some serious pipes, and her most recent place of residence was listed as Heidelberg, Germany. Still not getting it? Despite saying no to a rose, we think her future is still pretty rose-colored.

Got your guess ready? Click through for the answer!