Dancing With the Stars Pro Sharna Burgess on Len vs. Derek: It’s Baffling! —  Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Pro Sharna Burgess on Len vs. Derek: It’s Baffling! — Exclusive

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 airs a new episode tonight (May 13, 2013), but we're still recovering from Derek and Len's misunderstanding in the ballroom last week. And can you blame us? Len Goodman didn't just mark Kellie down because he thought Derek's choreography lacked Paso Doble content, he knocked her down three points.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with DWTS pro Sharna Burgess, who was dancing in Sean Lowe's trio on the night of the fight. Of course, we were eager to find out her point of view on the whole mess.

"I was standing in the rec room watching it with my jaw dropped to the floor," Sharna told us. "I didn't quite know what was going on with the arguing and the bantering amongst the judges. At first I thought it might have been a joke."

Hey, us too! Seriously, until Len started really going at it, we were convinced he was going to have a reversal and admit that, despite his issues with the choreography, he loved the dancing. So, what did Sharna think of Len giving Kellie a seven, when the other judges thought she deserved a 10?

"It was a three point difference, and I don't know that I've ever seen that," Sharna said. "I'm really just baffled by the whole thing. Okay, fine, if there wasn't enough Paso Doble content and that's what Len was looking for that evening — but a seven? I mean, [Kellie] delivered such an incredible performance. If you're going to knock it down for content, at least give her an eight, because she was incredible at what she did."

"I was as shocked as everyone else," Sharna concluded. "I don't know what happened there. "

Neither do we, Sharna! We'll be interested to see what happens tonight. Will Derek offend Len's sensibilities again, or will he double down on the technical content to ensure Kellie gets the highest scores possible?

Tune in tonight, May 13, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to find out!

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