Sharna Burgess Says Season 19 News “Wasn’t a Shock,” Thanks Fans For Support
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Dancing With The Stars

Sharna Burgess Says Season 19 News “Wasn’t a Shock,” Thanks Fans For Support

It will be great to see the three new pros in action on Dancing With the Stars Season 19, but we’re definitely not happy to see Sharna Burgess missing from the list. (Why, Rob Wade, whyyyy?!)

Sharna won our undying affection in her Season 16 debut when she played teacher/coach/therapist to Andy Dick. She helped turn him into a butterfly (however briefly), and even though she was out first the next season with Keyshawn Johnson, we fell in love with her all over again when she stuck up for Season 18’s Charlie White when he was nit-picked by the judges.

It seemed obvious that she would return in Season 19, but that was not the case. We weren’t the only fans upset by yesterday’s news, and Sharna tweeted her appreciation for the support. “Feeling so much love right now,” she wrote on August 13. “Thank you beautiful tweeps, your words mean a lot to me. Love you all right back. Xxx.”

Her boyfriend Paul Kirkland did what a good man does and backed his lady friend, writing to equally frustrated fans with “lost for words at the moment. All I can say is Sharna is the most creatively talented person on the show.” Another fan wrote, "I still cant get over the fact that some new pros need to be instructed in ballroom themselves. How will they guide anyone" and Paul replied, "this is the million $ ?" Another tweet read, "Someon twitter make negative comments about Sharna. She is wonderful, talented and creative #DWTSBadDecision," and Paul replied, "send it to me I'll handle it!!"

Sharna jumped in to try and keep things light, writing, “Omg babe @PaulKirkland01 ! Just seeing all your tweets, I love you, it's all good and life is beautiful #letsbepositive #bhomesoon xx” She also wrote again to fans: “Loves ur support is amazing! please know 2day wasnt a shock 2me! #dwts has been very respectful! Keep an eye out 4 me very soon #dwtsfam.”

So she’s hinting to some news coming, and she’s still backing the DWTS family. Maybe she’ll be in the troupe? No announcement has been made on that yet. At least if the news wasn’t a shock to her that implies that she wasn’t blindsided by the live Good Morning America pro reveal. That would be a low blow for any pro.

Are you upset that Sharna won’t be competing on Season 19? Do you at least hope to see her in the DWTS troupe?

DWTS Season 19 premieres Monday, September 15 from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Sharna on Twitter, Paul on Twitter