Sharna Burgess Wants to Dance With Hugh Jackman on DWTS Season 19 — Should He Do It?
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Dancing With The Stars

Sharna Burgess Wants to Dance With Hugh Jackman on DWTS Season 19 — Should He Do It?

Australian Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess is not shy about naming her dream dance partner!

Last summer, before Season 17, Sharna was asked if she’d rather have Hugh Jackman or Ryan Gosling as a DWTS partner (the correct answer is to demand both). She replied, “Hugh Jackman all the way. I’ve been saying this for a while now and i think its time we make it happen!!! Yes, let’s start a petition ;)”

Almost a year later, the petition idea has been revived for the fall 2014 Season 19.

Hugh Jackman was recently on Good Morning America at the same time as the DWTS Season 18 cast, and DWTS fan Christine Ballart tweeted to Sharna, “Watching Hugh Jackman on GMA and was thinking of @SharnaBurgess the whole time! And now he's on @KellyandMichael!” Sharna retweeted that, adding this note (and some blushing emojis): “Let's petition for him for me next season!!!”

Fans seem to like the idea, adding comments like, “Oh my lord, get that petition started now!!!!!!! lol,” “might be too dangerous, a Rumba with you & Hugh would set Carrie Ann's knickers on fire! :)” and “sharna +wolverine =great dancing full of sexiness from both sides ;)”

It would be a huge coup for DWTS to get an A-lister like Hugh, and since he’s also a big song-and-dance guy, he’d be the ultimate ringer. It seems unlikely that he’ll step in the ring, since he’s busy being a major Hollywood and Broadway star, but maybe if we ask nicely he’ll consider it? At least have Hugh on board for the fall season as a guest judge. He’d probably have a blast!

What do you think: Should Hugh Jackman sign up for DWTS, and dance with fellow Aussie Sharna?

Sources: Sharna on Twitter, Steph Pham

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