Dancing With the Stars 2014: Sharna and Peta on “Unfair” Judging of Charlie White Rumba
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Dancing With the Stars 2014: Sharna and Peta on “Unfair” Judging of Charlie White Rumba

The Dancing With the Stars cast is a tight-knit group, and Sharna Burgess went into full Mama Bear mode after the Season 18 Switch Up. She didn’t care for a lot of what the judges said — especially when it comes to her original partner, Charlie White, and his Rumba with Peta Murgatroyd — and unleashed her feelings in an On the Red Carpet video.

Sharna said she loved the Switch Up for what it was, "what I don't like is the way we were played against each other." She thought it could've been more carefree and fun, without some of the negative comments, including guest judge Julianne Hough saying Maksim Chmerkovskiy wasn't into the dance. "You don't know what we're into, you don't know the week that we've been through, so how 'bout you just judge the dance?” Whew!

She was even more upset by Charlie and Peta’s Rumba being questioned for its Rumba content by both Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba. Len gave it an 8, but Carrie Ann went with a score of 7, saying she also saw a lift.

"I want to just add that I was so proud of Peta and Charlie tonight and the comment that Peta got about that not being a Rumba routine ... that was a legitimate competition Rumba routine,” Sharna told OTRC. “It is so unfair. And this is just to show how passionate we are at what we do — that brought Peta to tears at the end of that. Not sobbing, but just emotional because we put absolutely everything of ourselves into those dances and to have that said about our work is entirely unfair. How 'bout you notice that Charlie went to a whole other level by Peta's hands tonight? And I was so impressed and so proud, and I thought it was amazing."

Hear, hear! Throughout Sharna’s impassioned speech, her Switch Up partner, Cody Simpson stood by her with an awkward smile on his face. He’s probably not used to her protective Mama Bear claws, but we love them.

Peta and Charlie had their own On the Red Carpet video, where they took the high road. (It’s often easier to get worked up in someone else’s defense than your own.) Peta just said, "I thought tonight's comments for us were a little harsh," but overall the night was great. When told Sharna was furious on her behalf, Peta said, "Deep down inside, in here [points to heart], I'm furious. But I'm not letting it out." Then she just laughed. For his part, Charlie was more upset that his Olympic partner Meryl Davis didn't get four perfect 10s for her Argentine Tango. To him, that was the big slight.

The silver lining is how much the cast seems to care about each other. The real crime is that no one even commented on Charlie’s slicked-back hair. Better than curls?

Do you think Len and Carrie Ann were unfair to Charlie and Peta, or do you agree that their Rumba wasn’t enough of a Rumba?