Did Shay Johnson Attack Joseline Hernandez’s Friend During the Sleazy and Zino Brawl?
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Did Shay Johnson Attack Joseline Hernandez’s Friend During the Sleazy and Zino Brawl?

There's some startling new info surfacing on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta brawl that happened this past February. As you already know, a huge fight erupted during the grand opening of castmates Stevie J. and Benzino’s new establishment, Sleazy & Zino Bar and Restaurant, involving a couple members of the cast. Now, a video of the escalating events of that night has surfaced, and it’s pinpointing Shay Johnson as one of the culprits!

Little is really known about everything that went down, but one detail seems to appear in all accounts of the night: The fight broke out when star Joseline Hernandez’s friend got into a war of words with a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta regular. According to multiple sources, Joseline’s pal mouthed off to Lil Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee, in the presence of Shay. Before Momma Dee could lay down the law with Joseline’s friend, Shay went in for the attack, allegedly throwing a Ciroc bottle at Joseline’s friend.

While it’s not clear what precisely happened, one thing’s for sure — Joseline’s friend was escorted out of the club with a bloodied gash across her forehead. Sometime during the fight, Momma Dee was hit, and the video shows a visibly irate Lil Scrappy looking around for the one responsible for hitting his mama.

That fight isn't the only drama that went down that night. Sometime during the opening, Benzino had his own altercation with ex Karlie Redd at the event. That ended with Benzino’s fianceé, Althea Heart, throwing a drink on Karlie and Benzino, who requested that she leave immediately.

Months afterwards, we still have questions about what happened, but it looks like we’ll get to see a good bit of it play out on Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Have you seen the video of Shay and Joseline’s friend going toe-to-toe? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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