Shay Johnson: “I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl” With Lil Scrappy
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Shay Johnson: “I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl” With Lil Scrappy

Um, you guys? Season 2’s Shay Johnson just shared some major dirt on Lil Scrappy. The two, as all know, have one of the most complicated relationships on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but we thought Scrap had really moved on from Shay. Well, that’s not what she’s saying.

When asked by VH1 if she still keeps in touch with her one-time love despite no longer being on Love & Hip Hop, Shay didn’t hold back (though what else is new). “Scrappy? He’s still around,” she tells the network. “He’s always gonna be around. I’m not gonna tell you what we’ve been doing but I’ve been a bad, bad girl and that has not been show on TV.”

Excuse you? Last we heard Scrappy was back together with Bambi so what’s this about him and Shay getting down and dirty? She doesn’t exactly clarify but does say that the seven-year friendship between them “just doesn’t go away.”

“It’s an unconditional love that I have for him,” she continues. “He’s done a lot of dirty things to me and I’ve tried to hate [him] but it just doesn’t work. At this point I’m just running with whatever we got going on. He don’t know what it is; I don’t know what it is. We just know we love each other.”

That’s not all, folks. “I’ll say every negative thing in the world about him to myself, but when I see him… it’s like melting butter. Like, nothing ever happened,” Shay continues. “We call each other Kryptonite. He’s my Kryptonite. I’m his Kryptonite. I know I’m supposed to stay away, but I can’t. It is what it is.”

All this though and Shay says she doesn’t have a boyfriend. “I’m married to my work,” she explains. But any of Scrappy’s other ladies shouldn’t take that as a sign they’re not together. Shay says “maybe I’ll let somebody in” in the future and so far “the only person that has any possibility of coming into my life is Scrappy. That’s it.”

What do you guys think? Shay just stirring the pot or is something still going on between her and Scrappy?

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