Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell Talks Paily, Shockers, and Ravenswood Crossovers!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell Talks Paily, Shockers, and Ravenswood Crossovers!

This week’s Pretty Little Liars episode (Season 4, Episode 9: “Into the Deep”) was a big one for birthday girl Emily (Shay Mitchell), who has been spending most of Season 4 thinking about her future. It was hard to watch Emily and Paige realize they may not stay together post-high school. Where does the PLL couple go from here? Shay gave Just Jared the scoop.

Shay said she has “a lot of great scenes” with Paige coming up, and “their whole arc takes a turn.” We’re not sure if this is good new or bad news for Paily — because both of these spoilers could apply to emotionally angsty or sorrowful scenes. After their teary acceptance last episode, we feel like the couple is on shaky ground.

But Shay did stress the importance of Paige’s role in Emily’s life, and hinted that Paige will be there for Emily in future episodes: “I love scenes with Lindsey and I think her character is so important, especially with Emily and everything that she’s going through,” Shay said. “Yes, she has her mom and yes, she has her group of friends. But she also needs that other person to be that ear she talks to, you know? Paige is there for Emily and we’ll be seeing some really good scenes between them.”

Finding Jenna floating facedown in a lake was pretty shocking, but — according to Shay — the shocks only get more intense moving forward: “We had a table read recently and the whole room just gasped all together,” Shay said. “Every single episode, there’s something that happens...And it’s only getting bigger and better.” Yikes! How do you top an almost-drowning. We’re really starting to fear for the lives of Rosewood residents...

Shay said she is sad to see Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) leave PLL to star on Ravenswood, but that doesn’t mean she won’t see him on set ever again: “He could come back and do another episode, which I’m crossing my fingers for.”

There’s also Emily and Hanna’s upcoming trip to Ravenswood, which has us speculating on all cylinders. Shay slyly hinted at the crossover: “I’m sure Ashley [Benson] and I will be heading over to New Orleans soon to visit [Tyler] and visit Ravenswood,” said Shay. We’re hoping for many crossovers to come.

What “turn” do you think Paily’s story arc will take? And what bigger surprises are in store for us? Share your theories in the comments below!

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