ABC Family’s Sherri Saum Debuts Twins and Shares Jennifer Lopez’s Advice!
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ABC Family’s Sherri Saum Debuts Twins and Shares Jennifer Lopez’s Advice!

Ever since the world heard the “twitter-patter of four new feet” courtesy of ABC Family’s Sherri Saum’s brand new twin boys — John Rubén and Michael Luís — life has never been the same.

The Fosters actress welcomed their little ones on May 13 with her husband, Kamar de los Reyes, and has since taken to social media to share a look inside her new life as a mother.

While she hasn’t shared any photos of little John and Michael on Twitter, she finally gave People an exclusive peek at her babes, and we have to admit, they already look like heartbreakers!

Click here to see photos of Sherri’s twins!

While we can’t tell them apart just yet, Sherri’s got it down to their personality. “Michael is full of buzzy energy and can barely contain himself. John is my zen Buddha boy. Very observant and mellow,” the new mom explains. “He’s always looking at Michael like, ‘Bro, could you calm yourself, please?’”

Then again, since they’re fraternal twins, it’s a bit easier to decipher which one is which! “Michael is bigger than John, but there are times when they sort of meld into each other — definitely hard to tell them apart on the baby monitor at night!”

So how is the 39-year-old adjusting to being a mother of twins? Like a natural! In fact, she and Kamar — who is also a father to 17-year-old son, Caylen — have gotten it down to a science. “We have a factory-like system going on with the feeding and bathing,” Sherri reveals.

“Sometimes I’ll be pulling my hair out, and he’ll just swoop in like some mythical baby whispering superhero — he straps them onto his chest and salsa dances with them — or plays the congas while bouncing them on an exercise ball.” Sounds like they make a great team!

Then again, we can’t say we’re surprised that the starlet is such a natural mother. Don’t forget that she plays a mom of five on her hit show, where fellow mama of twins, Jennifer Lopez, acts as the executive producer.

So did J.Lo have any words of wisdom to share with Sherri? “Last time I saw her, she just hugged me and said, ‘Hang on tight, girl, you’re in for the ride of your life.’”

Source: People

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