Sherri Shepherd Talks Fantasia’s Rumored Offensive Toast at Kandi Burruss’s Wedding (VIDEO)
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Sherri Shepherd Talks Fantasia’s Rumored Offensive Toast at Kandi Burruss’s Wedding (VIDEO)

By now, you might have heard murmurs that Kandi Burruss’s otherwise sensational wedding had a slight glitch in the form of a boozy toast from bridesmaid Fantasia Barrino. Tabloids report the Grammy Award winner gave a “foul-mouthed” speech at the special occasion, which upset her Real Housewives of Atlanta star pal. Now, wedding guest Sherri Shepherd is weighing in on the drama.

On The View this morning, Sherri addressed the situation head on. And before getting into the toast itself, the daytime host had one thing she wanted to clear up: “Kandi did not leave horrified. I was on the dance floor with her all night,” she revealed.

Now about that buzzed-about speech...

“I’m not going to speak to whether Fantasia was using inappropriate language or not,” Sherri said. “What I will say is, if you are having your bridesmaids — who are your friends — and they are giving a toast, and you know that their behavior may change somewhat when they’re inebriated... Do you change it up and go, ‘No, we’re not going to let you do the toast, let’s get somebody else to do it’?”

If that’s not a dead giveaway right there, we don’t know what is. Sherri may not be saying explicitly that Fantasia caused drama, but she sure did imply that she was both 1) intoxicated, and 2) out of line. Oh boy!

As for anymore detail, she wouldn’t (couldn’t?) get into it, but she did say this: “You gotta watch the Bravo special, because it was an interesting wedding!”

Oh girl, we’re already there!

Will you tune in for Todd and Kandi’s wedding special? What do you think about this Fantasia gossip? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: The View

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