Sherri Shepherd: How I Went From 197 Pounds to 151
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Sherri Shepherd: How I Went From 197 Pounds to 151

Sherri Shepherd wasn't on Dancing With the Stars long enough to get the full transformation treatment. She was the surprise third elimination on 2012's Season 14, but it didn't stop her from continuing to dance and get healthy.

Sherri recently talked to People about her decision to get fit, which was partly inspired by her energetic son, Jeffrey, who is now 8. "I would take him to the park and sit on the bench while he played. And I was the mom who would be yelling at him from the benches because I was just too tired to move."

About two years ago — before her 2011 marriage, when she weighed 197 pounds — she said she was sitting on the couch eating pizza, watching infomercials, when an ad for Zumba came on. She jumped to get her credit card because she “knew it was time." She changed her diet (sorry, pizza) and started taking Zumba classes three times a week. The new workout wasn't easy; she admitted that, "after a few minutes, I thought my heart was going to give out."

She's now such a Zumba aficionado she was the keynote speaker at the annual convention this past week. And she's seeing results. "I was 197 pounds, and now I weigh 151," the 5'1" tall star said. "But besides that, I notice the loss of inches."

Check out a photo of Sherri from the late June BET Awards to see some of her slimmed down figure. She looks great. More importantly, she's healthier and seems to have more energy. Congrats, Sherri!

Source: People