Sherri Shepherd Teases Mama Joyce’s Toast at Kandi Burruss’s Wedding (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Sherri Shepherd Teases Mama Joyce’s Toast at Kandi Burruss’s Wedding (VIDEO)

Kandi Burruss and her entourage stopped by The View on Monday, May 19, to talk all about her big wedding. Kandi, Todd Tucker, and Mama Joyce took seats on the couch to chat with Sherri Shepherd — who was actually a guest at the wedding — about how things have been going since the couple said "I do" last month. But, Sherri was still thinking back on Kandi's special day and, in particular, Mama Joyce's toast to the couple.

Before going into too much detail, Sherri asked the Real Housewives of Atlanta star if it was okay to talk about Mama Joyce's toast, since the wedding is set to air on Bravo in a multi-episode series, premiering on June 1.

"I think we were all on pins and needles with Mama Joyce because we didn't know what you were gonna do when Kandi was getting married. I think your toast was a work in progress. Can I talk about your toast?" she wondered.

After getting the go-ahead, Sherri explained, "Everybody gave a wonderful toast. Todd's family were welcoming Kandi into the family and everybody was like, we support you, Todd. And Mama Joyce said, ‘Kandi looks happy and I hope you can keep her looking as happy as she is tonight.’"

Apparently, Sherri was relieve that Joyce played nice and said something positive, instead of using the toast as an opportunity to put a damper on the day. It sounds to us like Joyce was as nice as could be expected.

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