“She’s a Crack Baby”: Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 21
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Grey's Anatomy

“She’s a Crack Baby”: Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 21

The race for Chief Resident has everyone blabbing, yakking, running their mouths, and talkin' crazy talk. Here are some of the best (and craziest) lines from Season 7, Episode 21 of Grey's Anatomy.

10. Alex [to Lucy]: "You said there were other factors to consider, and you are a factor. I'm sorry I didn't say that sooner."
Because, really, it's every girl's dream to have a guy call her a "factor."

9. Richard [to Henry]: "You're going against Andrew Perkins. Let's just say, uh, I have a thing for the underdog."
Supportive and subordinating at the same time. The Chief has a gift.

8. Mark: "I fed her, I changed her diaper. Prettiest poop you ever saw."
Okay, they're smitten with Sofia, but enough is enough.

7. Arizona [to Alex]: "Because I don't want the person that I recommend to pull a 'me' and come running back to the girl they left behind."
We'll call Merriam-Webster to have Arizona listed as a verb. As in, "He took the job, but totally Arizonaed at the last minute."

6. Callie: "This baby's crack. She's a crack baby."
Mark: "You shouldn't call her that."
I don't know why not. Crack Baby is so much prettier than Sofia, no?

5. Arizona: "What's he doing there?"
...she says, in reference to a baby entangled in the mother's intestines. Understatement of the year.

4. Mark [to Derek]: "There's a reason I've been jealous of you my whole life, and it's not your hair."
Oh, but secretly, deep down, it is the hair. It was always the hair.

3. Lexie: "I'm, uh, really happy for you. You seem happy."
Mark: "I am. I have everything I always wanted. Almost."
Lexie, you're a smart girl. You realize you're the "almost" in this equation, right? Right, Lexie "Almost" Grey?

2. Owen [to Cristina]: "You're not going to be the Chief Resident. It's not gonna be you. I'm sorry."
Talk about ripping the bandage off! Why doesn't bedside manner apply to doctor-doctor interactions, too?

1. Alex [to Owen]: "Meredith messed with the Alzheimer's trial."
And boom goes the dynamite!

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