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Shirley MacLaine Cast as What New Season 5 Character? (VIDEO)

There have been plenty of high points in Shirley MacLaine's long and illustrious career. The 79-year-old (who will turn 80 later this month) has appeared in everything from her own TV series to, more recently, cross-Atlantic hit period drama Downton Abbey. There she plays one of the very few people brave enough to spar with the Dowager Countess (fellow iconic actress Maggie Smith).

Now Shirley's decided to return to American TV sets by joining the cast of our very own Glee. News broke yesterday that she'd make an appearance in an upcoming Season 5 episode of the show and Shirely will have a very special part to play in the life of one Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss).

Shirley will guest star as a New York socialite who's "intent on turning recent Big Apple transplant Blaine into a superstar." Well, that shouldn't be too hard! That kid's already a star!

Funny enough, the role isn't too far a stretch from what Shirley's been doing on Downton. There she plays the wealthy mother of Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) and she also rules the roost in New York City. Of course, Martha Levinson would never be caught catching into song... unless the Dowager dared her to, that is.