Shocker! 2 Girls Go Home: ANTM, March 2, 2011
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America's Next Top Model

Shocker! 2 Girls Go Home: ANTM, March 2, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16, Episode 2 featured bees, more crying than usual, and one girl throwing herself out of the competition. Let's review:

“Cheaties” and Raw Chicken: There’s a minute or so of post-panel house conversation, in which Ondrei talks about the recent (and horrific) deaths of her two brothers. Some of the models question whether she should be there. There’s an abrupt shift in tone when Tyra strolls into the house with her nutritionist, Heather Bauer, and they’re both wearing chef’s outfits. Tyra is also speaking in a French accent, and that’s just how it is with her for the rest of the episode. She and Heather organize a blind taste test where the girls have to guess which one of two items is the better “cheatie” on a day they feel like indulging. Why they have to be blindfolded for this, we don’t know. We’re not even sure why they have to taste it. It’s spaghetti and meatballs vs. eggplant parmesan. Couldn’t they just look and guess? Anyway, spaghetti is the better option, and Tyra didn’t know that. What do she and Heather talk about?

In keeping with the food theme, Monique and Jaclyn find a covered bowl of raw chicken in the refrigerator and are completely grossed out by it. Luckily for the editors, the chicken belongs to Alexandria, and she gets irritated when she sees it out on the counter. Dalya explains to her that raw chicken needs to go in a freezer bag, not in a cereal bowl. They quarrel, and Alexandria says that she is 21 and knows about many things, including the preparation and storage of chicken.

A Really Sad Art Class: The models arrive at a theater in Burbank, and Nigel is waiting for them with the Director of The Acting Corps, Eugene Buica. Each girl is given an easel and 10 minutes to draw a picture of her inner critic, the voice that tells her, “You will never please The Banks!” Then, they each have to confront the drawing/critic onstage. Eugene plays the part of each critic, and he seems to have been preparing for the roles all of his life. Pretty much everyone cries, but the saddest part is when Ondrei breaks down about her brothers. And then another abrupt shift. Nigel announces that because they all did such a good job, a jewelry company has “decided” to give them each a pair of earrings. Huh. OK. Jaclyn says, “I think we all deserve it because we went through heck.” Feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained, Ondrei begins to wonder whether she should stay in the competition.

He Means Literally Bees: Gosh, it’s hard to know what to say about this, really. After making 45 references to bee-related things, Jay reveals that yeah, there are actual bees for this photo shoot. The jewelry they’re modeling is covered in pheromones to attract the bees, which are just flying around the studio. The models’ ears and noses are plugged with cotton balls, which solves two problems, but we’re not sure about the whole bare skin thing. Jaclyn is allergic to bees, but is more concerned with getting a great photo. She’s a good sport.

Monique, Hannah, and Brittani seem to impress Jay the most with their beauty shots. Hannah actually starts crying during the shoot, which Monique finds irritating and Jay finds stunning. Ondrei falls flat, which is not too surprising given the circumstances. Back at the house, she gets upset, and the ever compassionate Monique says in the confessional, “We don’t want you to just stay here taking up a spot in the house when you don’t want it.” Sweet.

What Happened to Ondrei?! Ondrei is up first at panel and very articulately explains that while she’s grateful for the opportunity, but too much is going on in her life for her to focus on the competition and she's decided to leave. The judges basically react with “good luck.” Tyra says that Ondrei’s photo will still be evaluated and if it’s the worst, no one is going home.

The Outer Critics: The judges love Monique’s evil intensity, Dominique’s elegance, Hannah’s glistening tears, and Mikaela’s intense eye contact. Dalya’s eyes are closed in her shot, which they think is beautiful, but also a total accident. Nicole is still photographing too old for their liking. Nigel and Andre are split on whether Alexandria is Jim Morrison or not really as great as Jim Morrison. Guest judge Alek Wek makes some pretty spot-on critiques, particularly about Brittani looking like a painting, and Jaclyn’s hands looking like they aren't her hands at all.

Call-out Order: Hannah, Brittani, Monique, Mikaela, Kasia, Dominique, Sara, Alexandria, Jaclyn, and Molly. Dalya and Nicole are the bottom two. But! Was Ondrei’s photo the worst? Will they both be spared? No.

The L.A. Story Ends For: Nicole. She takes the news pretty well and plans to not try so hard in the future. We’re kind of nervous for Dalya, though. After handing over her photo, Tyra evokes every crazy mom from scary movies and says, “We don’t like accidents, right? Accidents almost get you sent home.” Let's hope a hairdresser doesn't have any "accidents" next week in makeovers...

Check out the bee photo shoot photos right here!

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