The Vampire Diaries Shocker: Enzo Dies (And We All Cry) in Season 5, Episode 19
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Shocker: Enzo Dies (And We All Cry) in Season 5, Episode 19

Just when we started to like the idea of Enzo sticking around Mystic Falls, the cruel TVD Powers That Be had to go and kill him off.

In Season 5, Episode 19 (“Man on Fire”) of The Vampire Diaries, Enzo turned off his humanity after he discovered the reality of Maggie’s gruesome fate. It wasn’t Stefan who killed Maggie in 1960; it was Damon. And instead of hating Damon for what he did, Enzo decided he didn’t want to feel anything at all and flipped his switch. Soon after, he took off with Elena.

But it was Stefan who got to them first. Stefan didn’t want to kill Enzo — after all, he is Damon’s only friend — but in a tragic twist, Enzo killed himself. Sure, Stefan shoved his fist in Enzo’s chest to scare him, but Enzo decided that he’d rather have Damon live with the fact his brother killed his best friend, so he pushed himself away.

Enzo was by far our favorite new character of Season 5 (sorry Wonder Twins), so we’re sad to see him go. But even though he’s gone from the physical world, we’ll probably still see him on the Other Side, especially now that it’s deteriorating. Plus, Julie Plec has hinted that Enzo might be sticking around for Season 6, so does that mean characters on the Other Side are coming back to the world of the living? Or is the Other Side becoming the focal point of Season 6?

We’ll have to wait and find out! But for now, let’s sit back and pour one out for our friend Enzo. We’re going to miss him and his cheeky behavior.

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