Shocker! Kayla Goes Home: Recap of ANTM, Cycle 15, Episode 11
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America's Next Top Model

Shocker! Kayla Goes Home: Recap of ANTM, Cycle 15, Episode 11

The House Tyra Rented: The girls are in the van on the way back from last week’s panel, and Chelsey tells everyone about how Idaho has almost no fashion — Texas even has more fashion than Idaho, Ann — and you really, really have to work for it there. She also thinks Ann is coasting. Kayla talks for a long time about her win from last week. Jane and Ann are focused on taking their personalities to the next level. Things are nice on the surface and almost unbearably tense beneath.

Smile, But Not Like Frankenstein: Miss J (whose hair has increased considerably in size) introduces the models to an acting coach named Barbara Terrinoni. She coaches them in things like scary laughing, staring at people, and lounging with expression. They are never loud enough for her. Much to Kayla and Chelsey’s delight, Ann struggles with these exercises and even though in her head it sounds like she's screaming, she's really just whispering. Miss J tells them this was all more important than it might have seemed because they are meeting with a very important client today, the biggest in ANTM history. Dun dun dunnn... it's Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.

Interview Etiquette: The girls are instructed to show Franca their portfolios one by one with Andre Leon Talley lurking in the background. He agrees with her after each interview in which she learns that Chelsey really wants it because she spilled that she's from Idaho, Jane is pretty, Ann is too tall to model in Texas, and Kayla's personality didn't shine through.

Emotion Editorials: Tyra is directing a motion editorial with the models. Attempting to beat the light, they go through a series of different shots at a pretty rapid pace. These include a seated hair flip, an outdoor “runway” walk, soft, painful repetition of their names to the camera while under a veil of netting, and canoodling with a bush. The girls are exhausted and realize that shoot was the most work they've ever done in their lives.

The Firing Squad:
The judges are all pleasantly surprised by Chelsey’s passion in front of the camera. She really went for it, and it showed. Tyra thinks Jane really worked her hair, but everyone else is concerned that her motions lacked e-motions. They love Ann’s quirkiness and think she stepped up her game, but her walk still needs major improvement. Nigel really enjoys Kayla’s performance, and Tyra and Franca think that tippity-top photographers would be able to capture her beauty the right way. They wonder, however, if she is high fashion.

Call-out Order: Ann and then Chelsey, who will both be walking in a fashion show with Roberto Cavalli designs. So...

Jane and Kayla. It’s decided that Kayla will be an actress, and Jane will make a lot of money. (If she can graduate Princeton and stop partying...)

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