Bachelor 2014 Shocker — Sharleen Joynt Eliminates Herself in Miami!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Shocker — Sharleen Joynt Eliminates Herself in Miami!

OK, we admit that the “shocker” in the headline above is totally sarcastic. It’s not as though The Bachelor Season 18 contestant Sharleen Joynt hasn’t been broadcasting her ambivalence about Juan Pablo Galavis since the moment she arrived at the mansion. Well tonight, in Week 7, shocking no one except Juan Pabs, the sexy opera singer with mundo finally said adiós.

Or maybe it was “Auf wiedersehen” — she did live in Germany, after all, and it’s clear to pretty much all viewers at home that these two weren’t speaking the same language. (*rimshot*) We saw the writing on the wall in this week’s sneak peek (and long before that). Though Shar feels there’s something real between her and the sexy Venezuelan, she’s definitely not sure that something is of the “let’s get married and have lots of babies” variety.

While Shar clearly had a connection with Juan’s lips, she worried that that’s all they have. “We all know by now how awesome he is,” she told the others, explaining she didn’t feel right at this point in taking one of the four hometown dates away from the remaining five women.

So finally, after much hand-wringing across three continents, Sharleen realized it wasn’t fair to keep stringing JPG along, especially not with Hometown Dates happening next week. While that’s a classy move for a classy woman, many of you felt she should have said goodbye sooner. In fact, 19 percent of people we polled said she should have peaced out in New Zealand, while a whopping 52 percent felt she should have bowed out weeks ago!

“I am aware of the fact that I could be making a huge mistake,” she confesses, but she presses on to Juan Pablo’s room and tells him the “excruciatingly difficult” news that she’s leaving. “I know it’s not easy,” he says, telling her not to apologize.

“I think that I wasted your time,” she replies. Grateful to have gotten to know her, Juan Pablo assures her it wasn’t a waste of his time, and with that she was off.

Understandably, Juan Pablo is torn up about Sharleen’s decision. “She was going to have a Hometown,” he confirms, and then tearfully thanks her for her “guts” and “honesty.”

Here’s hoping the rest of these ladies are in it to win it — it being Juan’s corazón, of course.