Shocker — When Did Ben Scott Have Brain Surgery!?
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The Bachelorette

Shocker — When Did Ben Scott Have Brain Surgery!?

Ben Scott didn't make the greatest impression on the other guys during his stint on The Bachelorette (because they thought he was there for the wrong reasons), but ever since boyfriend was shoved into a limo and kicked out of Desiree Hartsock's love hive, he's been winning us over one tweet at a time.

First, Ben revealed that his adorable grandmother's home was invaded by some random street urchin, causing our hearts to completely malfunction. Poor Grandma Scott!  And why are we suddenly so attracted to Ben when he uses words like “Nino”!? It's all so confusing!

But now? Now Ben's up and revealed that he had brain surgery as a tender-hearted youth, which pretty much has us face-planting into a pile of inexplicable swoons. Poor Baby Ben — we just want to hug him!

"When I was 4 I had brain surgery, had needle nose pliers thrown in my head.." Ben tweeted on July 9. "Crazy story!"

Um, come again? What kind of maniac throws needle nose pliers into a little kid's head? Thank goodness Ben made a full recovery (his head is pure perfection in our humble opinion), and here's to hoping that whoever threw pliers at him got what they deserved. You know, jail time. Or a forcible binge-watching session of Ben Flajnik's The Bachelor season. Either way.

Source: Twitter