Shonda Rhimes: I Didn\'t Adopt My Third Child, I Had a Gestational Surrogate
Shonda Rhimes: I Didn’t Adopt My Third Child, I Had a Gestational Surrogate
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Shonda Rhimes: I Didn’t Adopt My Third Child, I Had a Gestational Surrogate


Last week, we reported that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes had welcomed her third child via adoption. Turns out, only half of that is true: She actually had her baby via gestational surrogate — and took to WhoSay on September 23 to dispel the adoption reports.

"I noticed that something weird had happened," the 43-year-old writes. "There seemed to be a lot of people out there who think I adopted again … Like, there were actually articles in which 'Rhimes Adopts Third Child' was the headline. But, um… I didn’t [adopt] … It’s super weird to have something out there about one of your kids that’s not true."

Well, our bad. But we're sure Shonda can understand why we assumed that she adopted her third kid — since she adopted her first two kids and didn't specify in her tweet that she had done anything different this time around. But we're happy to propagate the revised news along with our mea culpa!

"An incredibly awesome woman gave me the incredibly awesome gift of carrying my baby for me," Shonda elaborates. "It was equally as incredible as the experience of adoption. Different but still just as special and as wonderful as adoption."

And how is the new bundle of joy? "She’s very cute, and her sisters love her, and when she screams, she sounds like some kind of very important siren which I think is a good quality in a girl. We are happy, I am happy, I am very extremely happy."

Would you consider gestational surrogacy like Shonda? Or would you prefer to welcome future generations the old-fashioned way? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Shonda Rhimes on WhoSay

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