Should Adam Lind Get Joint Custody of Daughter Aubree?
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Teen Mom 2

Should Adam Lind Get Joint Custody of Daughter Aubree?

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind doesn't have the best reputation around these parts, y’all. It might have something to do with the fact that he has multiple DUIs under his belt, and spends most of his time making super questionable life decisions — many of which have to do with his facial hair.

But that aside, there's no doubt in our minds that Adam loves his daughter, Aubree. The problem? Aubree lives with her mom, Chelsea Houska, and Adam doesn't think he sees her enough.

According to this dude, one's criminal history shouldn't be taken into account when it comes to retaining custody of your child. Then again, is it really that unreasonable of Chelsea to want Aubree cared for by people who don't have a penchant for drunk driving?

Plus, let's not forget that when Chelsea does make an effort to invite Adam to big moments in Aubree's life (like her softball game!), he usually flakes out. Is he really responsible enough to take care of her even part-time?

It's easy to understand why Adam wants an official custody agreement that grants him more time with Aubs, but the question on everyone's mind is whether or not he's earned it.

Tell us whether you think Adam has what it takes to be more than a part-time father in his little lady's life!