Should Dancing With the Stars Do All-Stars Season 2? Who Would You Cast?
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Dancing With The Stars

Should Dancing With the Stars Do All-Stars Season 2? Who Would You Cast?

There was so much hype before Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars, so when it didn’t turn out to be a ratings hit, the idea of another All-Stars season seemed remote. But it’s not like ratings have been a lot higher since then, when DWTS returned to its usual format of casting a wide range of good and really bad first-time DWTS celebs, so maybe they should consider trying again — but with some changes.

Yes? No? Perhaps?

Part of the disappointing All-Stars reception was blamed on the idea of fans wanting to watch new faces; there was also talk of viewers maybe preferring to watch bad dancing to good, but hopefully no one still believes that. (How would an Olympic ice dancer win if fans wanted to watch bad dancing?) The real All-Stars issues may have been the celebs chosen (so many winners, Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson) and how they paired them (some paired with past partners, but Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke not together, etc.) rather than just the concept of All-Stars itself.

Every season fans complain about at least a few of the casting choices — I’ve never heard of these people, such-and-such is not a star, I don’t want to see X dance, etc. — but every season fans also develop favorites.

Should Dancing With the Stars Do All-Stars Season 2? Who Would You Cast?
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Sometimes the favorites win, sometimes they don’t. All-Stars probably should’ve been consistent on whether they would have it be an all-winners season or not. Having some winners and some non-winners didn’t seem right, and it was especially weird to see, say, Cheryl with her past winner Emmitt Smith while others, like Apolo Anton Ohno, were repaired. There seemed to be no method to the madness.

But what if they decided “no winners” — would that be better? It wouldn’t have to be all runners-up, or even all finalists, but it could be fun to see a cast of great dancing fan favorites — like Corbin Bleu, Zendaya, Evan Lysacek, Chelsea Kane, Mel B, Katherine Jenkins, Ralph Macchio, Kyle Massey, Stacy Keibler, Kelly Osbourne, Brandy, Charlie White, etc. Or, if you prefer, they could throw in some fan favorites who were OK but not great, like Bill Engvall.

What do you think? Should ABC consider revisiting the idea of an All-Stars season, or was one season enough? If you’re in favor of another round, which past stars would you cast? More winners? Absolutely no winners? Another mix?

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.