Should April Chose Jackson or Matthew on Grey’s Anatomy?
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Grey's Anatomy

Should April Chose Jackson or Matthew on Grey’s Anatomy?

The Grey's Anatomy Season 10 midseason finale left us wondering if April (Sarah Drew) will ditch Matthew at their wedding in favor of Jackson (Jesse Williams), whose impromptu "I love you" put a wrench in all her best laid plans.

Here at Wetpaint Entertainment we've made no secret of being partial to the Japril ship, but we can definitely admit that Matthew has a lot going for him, too. So let's look at the pros and cons of each guy. Then we want you to let us know who you think April should pick!


Pros: He's charming, handsome, heroic, and, most importantly, he shares April's values. Clearly, April's faith is very close to her heart, and Matthew understands that. That means a lot, and it's definitely helpful in a relationship to have the same worldview.

Cons: Objectively, there basically aren't any. On paper, Matthew is perfect. But April has always been drawn to Jackson in a powerful way, and we just don't see that same chemistry with Matthew. On the other hand, is chemistry really the most important thing when you're talking building a life together?


Pros: Besides the part where he's a super hot, super rich doctor? How about the fact that he and April are best friends who totally get each other and also happen to have scorchin' hot chemistry. Sure, they don't always see eye-to-eye, but we think they challenge each other in a good way.

Cons: He did wait until her wedding to drop the L-bomb. We get that he didn't really realize how he felt until it was almost too late, but these dramatics don't necessarily point to a stable relationship in the future. Can April and Jackson really make it last in the long term?

What do you think April should do? Should she chose Jackson, Matthew, or maybe neither? Vote in our reaction buttons, and sound off in the comments below!

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