Chef Cooks Up Twitter Controversy By Suggesting Patrons Leave Babies at Home
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Chef Cooks Up Twitter Controversy By Suggesting Patrons Leave Babies at Home

Table for (only) two? It seems some think so. An up-and-coming chef stirred the proverbial pot recently by suggesting via Twitter that maybe patrons should leave their babies at home the next time they dine out at his restaurant.

According to the Daily Mail, a couple brought their precious 8-month-old bundle of joy to Alinea, a Chicago restaurant that was recently awarded three Michelin stars, and where dinner runs $265 per person. When the baby cried, as babies do, and the other diners complained, executive chef Greg Achatz was forced to step in.

Achatz decided to take to Twitter to air his frustration: “Tbl brings 8mo.Old. It cries. Diners mad. Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no, but.”

Of course, like most hot restaurants, reservations at Alinea are nearly impossible to get, and are actually sold in advance, like concert tickets. There are, unfortunately, no refunds due to cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances, like your sitter flaking out on you, for example.

Clearly this is one subject that’s almost too hot to handle. After the tweet, many tweeted back in agreement with Achatz, offering comments in support of the leave-the-kids-at-home suggestion, such as Richard LaRue, who stated, “I'd be livid if I came to Next, Alinea, or ANY fine dining establishment and had to sit through a crying baby.” Another piped up, “I love kids. But I don't bring my bottle of whiskey to Chuck E. Cheese; please don't bring your infant to Alinea.”

We don’t think Achatz really understood what he’d cooked up with his initial tweet, however, because as the story went viral, the Twitterverse decided to poke some fun. One commenter said, “So … A friend of a friend told me that a woman gave birth while dining at Alinea last night … Achatz delivered the baby … Wow! LOL.”

Not to be outdone, one cheeky tweeter decided the Alinea Baby needed to be heard, so they created a Twitter handle and let the comments fly. A sampling from @Alineababy, “To be fair, it's not my fault I was up waaay past my bedtime. WAAAHHHH!”

What do you think? Bring the baby everywhere, even fancy dining establishments, or get a sitter?

Source: Daily Mail

01.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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