Should Bailey or Alex Get the Board Spot on Grey’s Anatomy?
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Grey's Anatomy

Should Bailey or Alex Get the Board Spot on Grey’s Anatomy?

Beyond breaking our hearts and leaving a hole in the show that will be hard to fill, Cristina Yang's (Sandra Oh) departure from Grey's Anatomy has another more tangible effect: there's a spot left open on the hospital's board. And as we saw in the Season 10 finale (Season 10, Episode 24: “Fear (Of The Unknown)”), that position is going to be a cause of conflict when we return to Grey Sloan Memorial for Season 11.

During the finale, Cristina's open spot was promised to two different people: Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Alex (Justin Chambers).

After dashing her research hopes and shutting down her lab, Richard cheered Bailey right up by telling her that she's basically a lock for Cristina's spot on the board. Bailey was clearly thrilled; she went home and celebrated with Ben, imagining what it will be like to finally make policy instead of just being forced to follow it.

But she wasn't the only one having a good night. At the same time, Alex was discovering that Cristina had left him with a final token of their friendship: she'd handed over all of her shares in the hospital to him, and she gave him her seat on the board.

"Can she do that?" Jo wondered. "I don't know, but she did," Alex replied.

It doesn't take a psychic to see that this situation is going to end in stress, conflict, anger, and maybe even some tears. Will the rest of the board honor Cristina's unorthodox move? Will Bailey fight for the spot she was promised?

We won't know exactly how it all plays out until next fall, but for now, we want to know: which doc do you think should get the spot?

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05.16.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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