Should Captain Gates Return in Castle Season 5?
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Should Captain Gates Return in Castle Season 5?

We’re not gonna lie: We didn’t have a clue what to expect from the 12th precinct this season on Castle. With Season 3 ending in turmoil (read: the old Captain dead and lead lady detective Beckett shot in the chest), we knew Season 4 would bring a new status quo for our stealthy sleuths.

Over the summer, spoilers trickled in and we learned the precinct’s new captain was not only a woman, but a rather hard-nosed one at that.

It’s been a rough ride full of ups and downs, but that hard-nosed lady copy, Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald), has been clickety-clacking around the precinct almost an entire season — and you know what that means! Sounds like the perfect time to start picking apart her performance, no?

Here’s our take: Season 4 started out strong in the Gates department. She came in with a bang, shaking things up for our team of detectives like whoa. We mean — holy crap! — Gates and the previous captain, the laidback Montgomery, couldn’t be more different.

Gates was orthodox to the point that it hurt, and she made it very clear from the beginning she wouldn’t take any crap from our sometimes unorthodox detectives, no questions asked.

Should Captain Gates Return in Castle Season 5?
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But as time went on, the Ice Queen did less and less to heat things up in the precinct. She would fade into the background or not show up for several eps at a time. And what about all the trouble she was supposed to cause? The wedge that she was supposed to drive through Caskett? Yeah. Didn’t really see that happen.

And that whole bit about "You can’t get away with anything weird under me so don’t even try it"? Maybe they’re just super crafty, but we sure think the detectives did a lot right under Gates’ (hard) nose. We mean, Castle investigated Johanna Beckett’s murder all season long! Hello!

We know it’s still early on, but we were also disappointed in how little we learned about the personal life of the woman who could barely crack a smile. There’s gotta be a really awesome backstory there. We all know bitches aren’t born, they’re made!

Still, that’s not to say Gates doesn’t have her good points. Penny Johnson Jerald is a marvelous actress, and Gates does sometimes show up at the perfect time to put a (fun, yet short-lived) damper on our detectives' plans — but is that enough?

Now that you know how we feel, we wanna turn the reigns over to you, Castle fans. What do you think about Victoria Gates? Do you think the Ice Queen deserves to stick around for Season 5 (assuming our fave show gets the green light for another season — which it better), or would she be better off at another precinct — far, far away?

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