Should Derek Hough Take Time Off From Dancing With the Stars?
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Dancing With The Stars

Should Derek Hough Take Time Off From Dancing With the Stars?

It seems like every season, Derek Hough talks about maybe taking a break from Dancing With the Stars. And so, every season, we ask you: Is it time for the wonder boy to step down from his role as pro?

Derek is unquestionably one of the most beloved of the pro dancers, and he's certainly the most successful, having coached five stars to Mirror Ball glory (not to mention those Emmys he's won). He brings a lot to the show all around. He's likeable, he's a talented dancer, and he clearly has a special touch when it comes to choreography. Losing him would be a big change.

However, some fans are tired of seeing Derek make it to the finals what seems to be every season. Is it because he gets an unfair number of good dancers? Is he just that much better at coaching people and making dances that please the judges? At this point, does it even matter? Isn't it time for a change? There are definitely people who think so.

Plus, many fans point out, being a pro isn't the only way Derek can be involved with the show. He himself has talked about not wanting to get stuck, always wanting to grow. Maybe the next step for him is to focus on the Macy's Stars of Dance specials, or even stepping in as a judge?

What do you think? Should Derek keep coming back as a pro, or is it time for a change?

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