Bachelorette 2013 Poll: If Brooks Returned, Would You Take Him Back?
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Bachelorette 2013 Poll: If Brooks Returned, Would You Take Him Back?

Brooks Forester left us all in shock on The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale Part 1 when he told Desiree Hartsock that he wasn’t in love with her in the most drawn out goodbye in history. Seriously, we’ve seen marriages dissolve with fewer tears and less hyperbole than the heartbreaking dock-side drama that Brookiree bestowed upon us.

But while it was hard to watch Des get her heart socked, kicked, and punched by her “one true love,” we have to wonder if it’s really over between them. After all, she told him she loves him and he was like, “oh, why didn’t you say so before? That’s a horse of a different color!” and then proceeded to sit with her for hours longer than was necessary / kind. It’s not like he was going to change his mind or hers or America’s: He made his bed (out of shriveled rose petals and hair gel globules), now he’s gotta decide whether he’s sleeping in it alone.

Although Brooks left in a limo in the end of the episode, will he come back for the Season 9 Finale? He could be all “I wrote you every day!” and Desiree would run and jump into his canoe and then they’d likely capsize from all the tears they’d cry (again). At this point, it’s not like she can just pick both Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney, so that her half-hearted feelings for both of them will add up to how much she (thinks she) loves Brooks.

So what if it’s a what if? If you were Desiree, and Brooks came back all dramatically in the Season 9 Finale, his hands running through his greasy hair as he confessed that he made a mistake... If you had the chance to change the ending, to end up with the guy who made you break down and cry in the ugliest shirt you could wear while being broken up with, would you take him back?

Tell us your thoughts below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

That episode was the worst.

Brooks Forester is a life ruiner. He ruins lives.