Should Don and Megan Have Broken Up on Mad Men Season 5, Episode 6?
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Should Don and Megan Have Broken Up on Mad Men Season 5, Episode 6?

On Mad Men Season 5, Episode 6: “Far Away Places,” Don and Megan got into their second blow-up fight, although this one was much more intense than the first. And it did not end in carpet-banging.

After treating Megan like a child, ordering her to leave work with him on his terms, giddily telling the waitress at Howard Johnson’s that it was Megan’s first time eating orange sorbet, and refusing to even dignify her stress about missing work with a response, the verbal volleyball turned to family. More specifically, their respective mothers.

Don’s suspicion that Megan is complaining about him to her mother all the time in French was the first sign we’ve seen from him that he knows there’s trouble in paradise. And when Megan suggested he go call his mother, the look on Don’s face was one of horror. We can’t remember ever seeing Don lose emotional control so visibly on this show.

Were you surprised that they made up so quickly? There was another kind of embrace on their carpet this time, Don clutching on to Megan as if he would never let go. Does he really need her, or should they have just broken up?

Megan said that every time they fight, it “diminishes” them. Should they throw in the towel before things get worse?

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04.24.2012 / 12:18 AM EDT by Molly Friedman
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