Once Upon a Time: Should Emma Be With Hook, Neal, or Neither? — Winner Announced!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: Should Emma Be With Hook, Neal, or Neither? — Winner Announced!

The love triangle that was brewing in the background on Once Upon a Time Season 2 has turned into a full-on battle in Season 3. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) has confessed his feelings for Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and Neal (Michael Raymond-James) has made it clear that he intends to fight her love no matter what. As for Emma herself — well, she seems to have mixed feelings about both men.

Honestly, we can see the pluses and minuses of both pairings, and so far Season 3 has made it even harder to figure out who to ship than it was before. We don't envy Emma her choice (well, maybe we envy her a little — these guys are hot!).

Hook and Emma certainly have a lot in common. They have loved before, and lost that love (Hook more permanently than Emma, but still). They're jaded about the world and have a hard time trusting. They seem to get each other in a fundamental way. Plus, the chemistry is pretty undeniable.

On the other hand, Neal is Emma's True Love (or at least it seems that way). They shared a deep connection in their past, and they have a child together. The course of their relationship has run anything but smooth, but the feelings on both sides are still strong.

Of course, there's also no rule saying Emma has to pick either side of this triangle. We know there are still plenty of fans hoping to see Emma paired off with Regina, who she seemed to finally be learning to get along with this season, and who, in the finale, gave her an amazing (if kind of bizarre and twist) gift: a happy past with Henry. And in the endless expanse of fairy tales and other fictional worlds, there's no shortage of other possible love interests out there if you don't like any of the people vying for Emma's affection now.

So what do you think: Should Emma be with Hook, Neal, or someone else entirely?

UPDATE: And the winner is Regina! Emma/Hook fans gave it a good go, but it's very hard to beat the Swan Queen shippers, especially now that Emma and Regina seem to have come to terms with each other on the show.

Congrats, guys!

Team Neal!

Team Hook!

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