Should Ezra Die on Pretty Little Liars?
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Pretty Little Liars

Should Ezra Die on Pretty Little Liars?

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale (Season 4, Episode 24, "A Is for Answers") ended with a literal bang when Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) took a bullet to defend the Liars. While all signs point to Ezra surviving his run-in with the wrong side of a gun, we can't help but wonder if the hot teach losing his life might actually be the best thing for the show.

Why would we want to see Ezra die? We're not just haters, we promise. Here are three reasons we think Ezra shuffling off this mortal coil (see, a literary reference, just for him) might actually be a good move.

1. The show needs consequences. For a show that started with a teen girl’s mysterious death, surprisingly few actually likable characters have suffered permanent damage (of the physical variety, anyway) in Rosewood. Maya's really the only one, especially now that it turns out Ali wasn't even dead. Everyone is put in danger, but they always escape. It lowers the stakes — killing Ezra would make it clear the writers actually are willing to off important and well liked characters.

2. Haven't we done this already? We've already been through one of the Liars' boyfriends being shot and living, with Caleb in Season 3. Yawn. Let's have some variety here, folks.

3. We're still not sold on Ezria. OK, so this does start to slip into haterade territory. But seriously, guys, all the self sacrificing moves in the world don't change the fact that Ezra hardcore stalked Aria and the other Liars. That is seriously creepy, and we're not sure we can get behind a rekindled relationship — and let's be real, if Ezra lives, he and Aria are almost certainly going to get back together at some point.

Do you want Ezra to live or die? Let us know in the comments below!

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