Finn Hudson’s Death: How Glee Succeeded In Its Approach to Drug Issues
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Finn Hudson’s Death: How Glee Succeeded In Its Approach to Drug Issues

The Glee Cory Monteith tribute episode has come and gone, and we're still recovering from losing our entire body weight in tears. While we really want to spend the rest of the weekend wrapped up in blankets and bawling, instead, we'll reflect on what we saw last night.

Just as spoilers had suggested, the episode did not delve into the cause of Finn's death, neatly sidestepping the issue courtesy of Kurt's voice over explaining that how Finn died isn't what matters — what's important is how he lived. We couldn't agree more.

Some fans and critics are sticking by the idea that the Glee writers should have used this episode as an opportunity to talk about drug addiction, since Cory himself tragically died of a drug overdose. Other fans are just frustrated that we didn't get any answer about what exactly happened to Finn. But in the end, we think the writers made the right call.

Was it a little awkward to have no explanation of Finn's fate? Yeah. Normally you'd think someone would mention it, so the lack of comment definitely stood out. Still, we love that the focus was on Finn (and by extension Cory) and all of the good he did while alive. This was a celebration of the character and the actor, and we're glad the emphasis was on the positivity he brought in life, not the morbid details of his death.

As for having Finn die of an overdose, we couldn't be more happy the show didn't go in that direction. As we, and many fans, said before, that wouldn't be consistent with what we know of Finn's character. While the show could have tried to incorporate an anti-drug message into this episode in some other way, we also think that would have only distracted from the real focus which, again, was the amazing man that Cory was. The PSA that was included was a nice touch that didn't distract from the main message.

What do you think: Should Glee have dealt with Finn's death differently, or did you appreciate the way it was handled? Sound off in the comments below.

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