Bachelor in Paradise: Should Graham Bunn Accept AshLee Frazier’s Rose? (POLL)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Should Graham Bunn Accept AshLee Frazier’s Rose? (POLL)

Sparks flew on last night’s Episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, and by sparks we mean daggers shot out of Clare Crawley’s eyes every time she looked AshLee Frazier’s way. C-squared found out that Capital L dissed her — big time — and Clare wasn’t willing to hug it out. The drama took over the whole house, eventually making its way to AshLee’s intended, Graham Bunn, who suffered a panic attack wondering if he was getting himself ensnared with a woman with dual personalities. According to Chris Harrison, he is.

As the Rose Ceremony started, we heard some serious voiceover from Graham who admitted, “Unfortunately, I guess I’ve been a little bit blind to certain things with AshLee, like the way she treats other people in the house.” Earlier in the episode he referred to Ash as someone who just “gives and gives and gives.” Sounds like he’s starting to realize what she gives is shade.

He also questioned why he didn’t hear the story of the confrontation from Ash herself, who opted to stay mum about it. Graham said, “It kind of leaked through the house and I think I was the last one to find out about it. I feel like she just must be insanely guilty or she would have come to me.”

Michelle Money’s ex continued, “At this point I’m just questioning whether or not it’s the right decision for me moving forward to accept AshLee’s rose.”

Well, let’s help him make that decision, shall we? Watch the video of the Rose Ceremony above then take our poll and tell us what you think: Should Graham take AshLee’s rose and stay in Paradise, or should he cut his losses and head on home?

Can't wait to see what he decides!


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